Rapid Porting

DumaOS is flexible enough to comfortably fit into any CPE platform, and our experience in porting means fast turnaround while ensuring low CPU cost.

Faultless Fit

Porting DumaOS is unintrusive to your CPE’s existing firmware and drivers, sitting alongside your existing software stack rather than within it. We want to enhance your CPE, not compromise its core.


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Completely Bootstrapped

Easy Deployment

We’ve yet to find a modem we can’t port to and with DumaOS usually porting within 1-2 weeks, you could quickly see the power of DumaOS on your own CPE.

Simple Adaptation

DumaOS blends into any native app easily thanks to its flexible design framework, all while giving you control over its appearance.

Flexible Software,
Flexible Strategy

DumaOS can accommodate and provide all kinds of Go-to-Market strategies, regardless of your audience and integration approach.

Work With Us

Whether you have a question, want to start improving your customer networks with DumaOS or anything in between, it begins by getting in touch.

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