Home internet is perceived as a utility: most take it for granted and consider internet problems to be something that they’re unable to change.

Netduma aim to show people that not only can things be better, but better can be easy too.

From Homes
to Companies

Netduma are based in Cambridge, UK. Launched by two gamers from a parent’s kitchen, Netduma was founded without investment and has grown organically ever since.

Now 25-strong and as driven as ever, the vision remains the same: stay passionate about tech, and use that passion to innovate and improve networks for everyone.


Netduma launches and releases the R1 Gaming Router, winning multiple startup awards.


DumaOS begins development, paving the future of networking possibilities.


Netduma’s first patent is filed for the process used in DumaOS’ Congestion Control, revolutionising QoS.


Netduma partner with NETGEAR, combining groundbreaking DumaOS software with cutting-edge Nighthawk Pro Gaming hardware.


Netduma’s patent is filed for the technology utilised by its flagship feature, the Geo-Filter.


In our first ever Tier 1 provider partnership, Netduma team up with Telstra for Game Optimiser, a DumaOS add-on for the entire customer-base. DumaOS 3.0 launches to critical acclaim.


DumaOS becomes freely available for all Telstra homes as Telstra Internet Optimiser, going far beyond gaming to enhance every kind of home network. DumaOS 4 development commences.


The reach of DumaOS continues to grow, with a new Tier 1 ISP to be released in Q2 2023 and new revolutionary features on the way.

at Every Step

Fitting router software into your firmware stack is usually difficult. But at Netduma, we have the team, experience and DumaOS infrastructure to deliver PoC integrations within just a few weeks at no charge.

DumaOS continues to benefit Providers beyond fast integration – with diagnostics and analytics as powerful as its features, you get unmatched customer insight while your customers get the connection they need.

The Team

As a company born from tech and gaming, Netduma stays close to its roots. With a development-focused team plus design and marketing immersed in their audience’s culture, Netduma understands the problems ailing the online world and have the expertise to solve them with never-before-seen tech.

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Whether you have a question, want to start improving your customer networks with DumaOS or anything in between, it begins by getting in touch.

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