Everyone knows that routers are a vital part of home networks - so why is their software an afterthought? We saw the untapped potential in router capabilities and built DumaOS, giving homes real control over their network.

Now, we’re finding out just how powerful a little internet box can really be.

Effortless for Everyone

The patented features in DumaOS provide renowned abilities you can’t find anywhere else - and to ensure everyone gets the most from their connection, they’re simple enough for anyone to understand and use.

All Networks,
One Solution

DumaOS began as a solution for online gaming, but has evolved far beyond its roots. With the ability to improve any online activity, DumaOS has the potential to help every audience.


Lag isn’t conquered with hardware alone: DumaOS’ feature suite provides unparalleled control when gaming, optimising all aspects of gaming connections.

  • Geo-Filter: No bad servers, more great games. Guarantee nearby matches for the fastest, most stable connections
  • Crush Lag: Reduce queuing across your network for lag-free gaming
  • Focus Gaming: Prioritise gaming traffic to ensure gameplay never slows down


The tools in DumaOS fit the changing demands of different homes - from bufferfree Netflix to perfectly smooth video calling, home networking becomes frustration-free.

  • Clean Up Congestion: Video call, stream, download and more without queueing or slowdown
  • Protect Your Home: Block ads and malware across an entire network of devices - including smart TVs, consoles and more
  • Demystify Data: Get a clear picture of your connection and your data usage

Always Innovating

The more DumaOS’ tech stack evolves, the more possibilities we discover. The future of DumaOS is set to keep revolutionizing the way that hardware, customers and providers network.

Helping Everyone

DumaOS is built to provide benefits for customer and provider alike – with diagnostics and analytics as powerful as it’s features, your customers can get the connection they want without unnecessary truck roll on your end.

Not Intrusion

DumaOS neatly fits alongside your existing firmware stack without compromising your CPE, regardless of chipset. With our previous experience, you could see DumaOS ported to your CPE in as little as 2 weeks.

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